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Please read if you yearn for more while being true to youVirgina Smiling

Would you love to get what you really want quickly while having FUN?

 Replace fears and fatigue with energy and enthusiasm as your business and life thrive using these powerful yet simple tools.

Dear Friend,

 I’d like to help you receive tangible results that really make a difference to you.

I know it can be difficult, especially in today’s economy, to pursue what you really want, such as making more money; expanding your business; feeling fulfilled; taking time for you while raising kids; expressing yourself creatively or manifesting a cherished dream.

There are so many distractions – crazy schedules, the latest emergency and exhaustion from keeping up with it all. Who’s got any time and energy left for what’s really important? If you’re like me, you’re doing your best to share your gifts with the world while balancing your life. It comes with its challenges.

Maybe you feel that it’s time to make your move and breakthrough to new heights in your work or personal life. Maybe your inner voice has been giving you the it’s-now-or-never speech, and you can’t ignore it much longer.

Anyway, I’m guessing that trying to figure out how to move forward while juggling everything else is more difficult than you think it ought to be. Or maybe you don’t think about it much because it’s just simply too FRUSTRATING. Don’t worry. You’re not the only one.

 What do successful people do to reach new levels of success? (or get a jump start when things could be better)

You could say, “Start with a change of attitude.” Right? But that sure sounds hollow when you don’t feel that way, can’t see the possibilities, are tired or don’t believe it yourself.

Successful people throughout the ages have discovered they don’t need a character transplant. What they need are buddies. Trusted people who offer empowering SUPPORT to prepare them mentally and emotionally to focus and take effective action. They join forces with a team of loyal supporters to shine light on their vision instead of on clouds of discouragement and doubt. They raise each other to a bandwidth, a frequency, where success thrives.

They have a toolbox to help with everything from a change of mindset to knowing where they’re going.

“As a partner in an ad agency, I (actually both of us) became extremely nervous when the economy had a down turn…at one point we even discussed working from home to save on expenses.  I met Virginia and with her coaching my world totally changed!  My fears have vanished and my business is now thriving…we are getting new business each month!  My energy and enthusiasm are through the roof and there is no stopping me or the growth of my business!”

LB Thomas, LBTJ Group, The Big Cheese;  Founding Member & Past President of TWIB (Texas Women in Business); A Top 25 Woman of Influence in 2011, Austin Business Journal

 Why do you need support?

It doesn’t matter how much you want things to be different (or moan or worry about it). If you’re not in the right mindset to focus on your goals, you won’t have the energy and focus to do what it takes to breakthrough to the next level. The good news is that you don’t have to do it by yourself. Even the Lone Ranger had Tonto. Imagine:

  • You and what you want acknowledged in a deep and meaningful way.
  • Clearly seeing your goals coming true.
  • Believing in you and your dreams like you never have before.
  • Expressing your gifts and being richly compensated.
  • Knowing you are not alone.
  • Seeing tangible results!

The outcome? YOUR CONFIDENCE GOES THROUGH THE ROOF. You laser in on your goals, take consistent action – and miracles happen. These are some of the results you can experience with Resolved for Results masterminding and 12-week course: A Step-by-Step Guide to Live Your Dreams, Even If You Failed Before, Lost Hope, Are Afraid, Stressed or Confused.

“I credit Virginia’s excellent program and guidance with helping me make more changes in the last 9 months than years before that. I think you owe it to yourself to at least explore the possibility she might make a difference in your life, too.”  

Barbara Metzger, MaxImize


Where attention goes, energy flows.

What you dwell on creates your destiny.

Two or more gathering in the spirit of harmony opens you to focus energy and receive results beyond what your mind can conceive.

Resolved for Results Masterminding is different from brainstorming or accountability sessions. It invokes 100% of the soul’s energy, and you can use it to design a life of your choice. Multiply this energy by the number of people in a harmonious mastermind group and place God, the Prime Creator at the center – this is the mastermind energy.

You don’t have to know the details of how something is going to happen because the mastermind energy takes over. It leads and directs you to take action as you follow through with your inspiration and guidance.

The mastermind guides your attention. This creates results beyond your wildest expectations. Beyond what you could do by using your ordinary thinking and effort. You recognize you are worthy and deserve to attain your goals or something better. Life flows in your favor, and you change the course of your destiny.


Diana Persha, Owner of Spirit Woman had this to say:  “The more you mastermind, the more you trust it. Then it starts moving fast. When you accept that all you have to do is have the vision and mastermind for it, the actions and results happen naturally.


Does this work for real people?

Since 1992, I’ve taught practical masterminding and success skills to gain clarityand overcome barriers to achieve results. I started by using brainstorming techniques, the most common form of masterminding.  Then, we struck gold with an exercise we used which included what we envisioned for each other. Magic happened.

Over the years, I discovered that people often know what to do but can’t bring themselves to do anything about it – at least not consistently. They start to feel guilty and beat themselves up for not doing what they think they should do and end up feeling worse than when they started. This energy attracts results – but not those anybody wants.

However, people are more inspired when others expand their vision for them. They can finally see themselves doing what they’ve always wanted to do. They discover they’re not a legend in their own mind but have valued gifts they’re ready to express.

No more naysayers. Trusted partners offer unconditional support. They enthusiastically and sincerely express what had been a cherished dream safely tucked away in team members’ hearts. Finally, validation. Action.

A deeper meaning of the mastermind revealed itself. This energy is what opens us up to miracles. I could make a movie on the results people have received.  Success stories abound ranging from dramatically increased business to having time and money to pursue a dream to getting married!  

                                                                                                                                  Here’s whatConnie Brubaker of Integrity Training Solutions wrote about how masterminding worked for her:  Meet Virginia Goszewska and learn about her amazing wisdom and work. She has been my coach this past year, and I have made more money than in any previous years by simply having clarity and faith. I have learned the power of masterminding, and I want to share this path of success with my friends.” 


 Resolved For Results is a 3-Month Adventure to

Unlock Your Heart’s Desire & Experience Miracles Beyond Your Wildest Expectation

The intention? To focus you on what you really want consistently with positive energy and action while creating miraculous results through masterminding, personal breakthroughs and empowering success principles with the synergy of an unconditionally supportive team.

You’ll teleconference by phone from wherever you are for a fast-moving, two-hour, group session… a weekly oasis that inspires, motivates and supports you to take action and get results of your choosing with grace and ease.  



Virginia has an incredible talent and ability to guide people on their journey of life. Her groups are real “eye openers.” Mark Hairston, Loan Officer

It’s easy to be positive and focused during meetings. We’ve got your back for those in between times, too.

 You’ll have tools to inspire and encourage you between sessions. Laser your focus, nurture your spirit and accelerate your success as you:

    • Learn profound,  life-changing lessons from a 260- page Resolved for Results Course Manual
    • Receive breakthroughs during a 1 1/4 hour personalized coaching session
    • Enjoy real-time support
    • Create authentic relationships during weekly partnering sessions
    • Maintain enthusiasm and focus
    • Be supported to take focused action to make your dreams come true.

 Successful people do what others don’t.

They invest in success.

 Many successful leaders recommend investing time daily to improve personal and business growth. Focused and positive energy creates a flow where everything you do WORKS BETTER. It’s time well spent.

Why three months? EFFECTIVE change takes time to lay a foundation and clear out old projects – and thinking. This opens a space for something new, such as your goal, to come in.

With the emotions and diversions of daily living, it’s easy to slip into the humdrum of routine demands and negative thinking. You can lose focus. Instead of continuing your good efforts to reap your rewards, you dilute your ability to live your dreams. In three months you create momentum that brings results.

The group provides continual focus to stay on track with my goals resulting in hiring additional staff, surpassing last year’s billings by 20%, and making more money than I ever did before… which together freed up my time to pursue my dream of public speaking.  Lisa Bargsley,  CPA


When do the teams meet? As this is an exclusive gathering, time and days are designed to fit you and your team’s schedules.

No more excuses! You now have a fun and easy way to focus on your dreams and lift your spirits with empowering support. These are essential to turn your goals from dreams to reality. I invite you to enjoy the exhilaration of Resolved for Results. Position yourself in a vortex of INSTANT MOMENTUM to make your dreams come true.

“As soon as I began working with Virginia, an incredible transformation began. Rather than waking up every day with immediate anxiety and stress about my business, I began to wake up feeling relaxed, confident, and excitedto see what the day would bring. Instead of feeling like I was powerless and fighting to survive, I now know that I have the power to create the life I choose with ease and grace. It is so exciting and gratifying to see how muchmy business has evolved and expanded. Thank you Virginia!~Elise Falana, Owner of Wimberley Fitness Company


  I designed Resolved For Results to be one of the best investments you’ll ever make for your life & business.   

Get a coach and a team!

Find out if this program is for you by scheduling an appointment when we can get to know each other better, you can experience the power of Resolved for Results masterminding, and I can find out about your unique situation. Then, I’d be happy to make recommendations on your best step for moving forward.

 If not this, then what?

If not now, then when?

ACT NOW. Contact me at 


“So, if you are wondering whether to work with Virginia of not, don’t walk to the phone to call her, run! Your life will be transformed!” ~Kristy Walker, Author of Zone Perfect Cookbook



I support you and your choices and see you getting what you really want.

With gratitude,

Virginia Goszewska

P.S. Think about friends you’d enjoy inviting to share your experience and let them know about it.